SEA Quest Expertise

These are our roles, offerings, quests, and ventures.  


Our coaching advice and tools are for effectiveness and personal and team and organization  development. They include useful frameworks, Process Diagrams and Powerful 3’s (or triples), which are valuable for successful leaders and professionals.  For example, a Time Management matrix illustrates Importance and Urgency; requires self-management; frees-up time, provides new perspectives, and improves results and relationships.  We can grow and prosper by focusing on:  Better & Faster & Simpler.  You will benefit from using the powerful acronym – SEA.


Jon and associates speak with audiences on the art of communication and leadership as well as on employment and human resource topics from interviewing, resume writing, and networking to time management, continuous improvement and learning; and succession and strategic planning.  Other topics:  navigating our journeys, discovering imperatives and powerful possibilities from A to Z, and enjoying our adventures and quests .


Jon wrote and published a memoir – Postcards to Jon … Our Journey Home.  It provides a framework for our life’s journey with its challenges, choices, and pathways of learning, earning, empowering, and enjoying.  Also, his Job Search Blog reveals his broad and deep human resource and organization knowledge/experience; and it offers practical suggestions.