Welcome …

Are you anchored near the rocks or a sandy beach?

Are you underway and facing a sudden storm or too calm conditions?

 Where are you going and where is your business heading?

Are you are facing difficult challenges on the horizon and/or are being spread too thin and feeling like you’re on a distressed vessel or one that’s “in irons”?  We have ideas, improvement suggestions, and business solutions for you, and we will help you focus on processes and being more effective and efficient.  These are the navigational keys to growth and profitability.

We are experienced, business professionals in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, and Technology and are committed to helping you and your business grow and improve with synergy and solutions and tools.

Change is the challenge.  It’s everywhere and never-ending, and our intention is to help you to navigate, to discover new passages, and to reach important markers along your voyage.   Together, we will focus on three proven and successful strategies and tactics:

Better … Faster … Simpler

Let’s start with a conversation.  We need to understand your requirements.

Are you ready for the Change Challenge?  to consider More and Less?

Make the call and Contact us … for Synergistic Services and Solutions.

  We look forward to speaking and navigating with you.


 Seek and Serve, Earn and Enjoy, and You will Achieve Your Quest

… Norwegian proverb – a powerful framework for living and working.